Our intimate and personalized Yoga Teacher Training program meets not only the standards as described by Yoga Alliance®, but we also strive to meet the personal requests of each of our participants.

In this training we will study and practice traditional and modern yoga techniques for your self-practice, learn how to teach these techniques to the general public, as well as study anatomy and physiology to safely and effectively to various groups, learn the philosophy of yoga, and the business of yoga - what it takes to make a living doing what you love!

At Upward Dog, we believe yoga is for every body. We love to hear what brings you to yoga! In our Yoga Teacher Training program, we explore what our trainees really want to learn. In addition to the minimal requirements as stated by Yoga Alliance® and an introduction to various styles, we will study more power yoga, more pre-natal, more restorative, more anatomy, more meditation, more yogic diet, more ayurveda, etc. If that’s what our group craves!


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July 2 to July 27
Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM

Plus a number workshops with our guest teacher on various yoga related topics


  • Early bird before May 15: $2,899 + HST

  • Regular price: $3,199 + HST

  • At least 50% of the cost is required to secure your spot.

  • If you pay in full you get access to unlimited yoga at our studio from the moment you have paid to the end of the module.

  • Upward Dog Yoga is an HRSDC Certified Educational Institution. We can provide you with a tuition receipt for your tax purposes.



Module 1 – The Foundation:

In this module, we define what Yoga is and what it isn't.  We explore the history of Yoga alongside the different styles and learn basic anatomical terms and alignment principles.  (Prerequisite: A love of Yoga)

Module 2 – The Body:

This Module will focus on the physical aspect of the practice.  We'll break down major body systems to learn how the human body functions and look at major joints, learning how their function and movement influence our practice.  (Prerequisite: Module 1)

Module 3 – The Mind:

The focus here will be on the philosophy behind the practice.  We'll examine influential texts such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Bhagavad Gita, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and explore various Buddhist and Tantric principles.  (Prerequisite: Module 1)

Module 4 – The Spirit:

In this section, we will delve deeper into the subtler aspects of the practice.  Here we'll look at Pranayama, Meditation, Kriyas, Mantra, Mudras, Bandhas, Chakras and Nadis.  This module will work on more introspective and meditative practices and incorporate Bhakti Yoga – the devotional side of the practice.  (Prerequisite: Module 1) 


Module 5 – The Teacher:

The fifth module is intended only for those who want to complete their 200-hour certificate and become teachers.  In this module, we will discuss the qualities of a teacher and tie together everything from previous modules.  In this section, you will be required to design, lead and assist full-length Yoga classes.  By this point you will have learned what you need to know to teach; the focus now is on refining your teaching practice, so you feel confident in your abilities.  (Prerequisite: Modules 1, 2, 3, 4)