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Meet Sergey Esin DNM®:


Sergey Esin has a Doctorate of Natural Medicine®, and is a Registered Member of both The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners (EBNMP™) and Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada (ACNN™).

Sergey Esin is an International Trained Health Professional.  He earned his Medical Degree from the Moscow State Medical Institute (Russia), which is recognized by the World Directory of Medical Schools and Canada.

In 1991 he started to work at Central Military Clinical Hospital in Moscow as a physician and was awarded a PhD Degree in Medicine in 1997.  In 1996-2016 Sergey Esin worked as a Doctor of the Centre of Alternative Medicine at the same location. He was involved in the practice of non-invasive treatment techniques such as Diet Therapy (Fasting), Electrotherapy, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Herbology, Lifestyle coaching, Iridology, Darkfield Microscopy, Anti-Homotoxic Therapy, Biochemical Therapy, Biopuncture, Clinical Nutrition and Counselling.  Also, he has a considerable amount of publications.



 Live Blood Analysis

Sergey has successfully helped a lot of people by offering following treatments:
 General Health assessment. Full check up and recovery plan; 

Detoxification. Cleansing the blood, lymph, and liver; 

Weight Loss program; 

Pregnancy Preparation. Preventing toxicosis and complications; 

Skin Problems elimination; 

Hormones balancing; 

Immune System Boosting; 

Lifespan Program. Homotoxicology;

Diabetes treatment;

Cardio Vascular Deasease Prevention;

Oncology Preventive Program.

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