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Shayna Tate, RMT
Registered massage therapist Shayna Tate graduated from the massage therapy program at International Academy of Massage.
Shayna’s practise is grounded in both therapeutic and relaxation massage, having been trained in Swedish massage, Trigger point release, myofascial release and joint mobilizations. Currently, she continues to build her repertoire training in muscle energy and positional release techniques. Additionally, she incorporates calming and soothing energy work techniques being certified in Reiki.
Moreover, she has an extensive background in fine art, being commissioned for various art pieces for clients and galleries over the years. Furthermore, she loves to dance, cook, exercise, and spend time with the people she loves.
Shayna believes in treating each of her clients with a holistic approach to facilitate a well rounded treatment plan, guiding the body back to its natural healing process, feeling very relaxed, grounded, and with a feeling of returning to a balanced body. 
Brendon Abram Kellie Dearman
Brendon Abram

Brendon Abram, RYT500, is certified by the Trauma Centre in Boston to teach trauma sensitive yoga to survivors of PTSD and other emotional trauma. A veteran himself, he teaches trauma sensitive yoga at Trent View Counselling in Trenton, where he is also an associate. Trained by the Veterans Yoga Project, he has also taught yoga to United States Military veterans with PTSD. He was a member of a joint Queens University/Royal Military College of Canada study team that studied the effects that yoga may have on men and women recovering from

exposure to operational trauma.

Brendon is also co-owner with his wife Leslie Abram,

of Get Yoga, a thriving yoga studio in downtown

Trenton, Ontario.

Kellie Dearman

Kellie Dearman is a certified yoga teacher (Still Point) with twelve years of teaching experience (5000+ hours). She has taken over 60 hours of Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher training, and incorporates key elements of TSY in her general Hatha yoga classes.

Kellie is also an Associate at Trent View Counselling in Trenton, where she gives individual and small group mindfulness and present moment awareness sessions to Canadian Forces veterans affected by PTSD and other stress-related conditions.

Kellie is the owner of Aware Yoga, a home-based
yoga studio in Stirling, Ontario.

Kellie and Brendon also regularly partner
together to deliver mindfulness, meditation and
yoga retreats to the general public.


Jennifer Pakuts
Yoga is my prayer in motion. Every time I step on the mat is a new chance to learn something about myself and to quietly observe my inner strength. Through practice I have acquired tools which have helped me live a more balanced, healthy and fulfilled life. I have overcome shame/self doubt after recovering from addiction and believe yoga has changed my brain chemistry from "scattered and shattered" to "whole and at peace". I am here to help guide you on your own journey of self discovery through the power of movement and breathe. See you on the mat!
Josh Towell
Searching for something to clear his mind Josh was introduced to yoga by a friend years ago. Ever since, life has brought him down a peaceful path of love and respect. Opening his eyes and shedding light on the world from a new perspective. He teaches a breath focused practice, premised on compassion for the heart and mind. Searching for something to clear his mind Josh was introduced to yoga by a friend years ago. Ever since, life has brought him down a peaceful path of love and respect. Opening his eyes and shedding light on the world from a new perspective. He teaches a breath focused practice, premised on compassion for the heart and mind. You’ll move purposefully with strength and control as you enjoy a nourishing experience from beginning to end. Come create some good vibrations and learn to surf the wave not fight it.
Shannon McInnis
Shannon McInnis (Yogi Brijabala) has been actively practicing yoga for the last 12 years. In that time, she has completed numerous marathons, competed in two Ironman 70.3 races, and holds a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Along her journey, Yogi Brijabala has taken all of the lessons she has learned in her yoga practice and applied them to all of her challenges. The daily practices of yoga, mindfulness, and Ayurveda have shaped Yogi Brijabala into an avid gardener, animal enthusiast, and nature lover. Yogi Brijabala has completed her 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Roxanne Joly at Kalyana Yoga Shala and has started her pursuit of further yogic studies with her 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Loren Crawford at ReYoga. Yogi Brijabala mindfully sequences her practices to ensure that every person can enjoy all of the asanas in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.
Joel Beauchamp
Joel is a yoga teacher committed to the promotion and education of yoga for physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. After 10 years of dedicated personal practice he completed 500 Hour Teacher Training in India to enable him to share his knowledge and passion with others. He has studied extensively the systems of Ashtanga,  Vinyasa, Iyengar, Vinyasa Krama and Classical Hatha Yoga. In addition, he has received formal instruction in several types of meditation, as well as the disciplines of Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Vedic Philosophy. Over the course of his practice he has spent a year in India studying and travelling. 
Caytlin Reel
After years in the dance industry, injuries pushed Caytlin to search for an alternative to fitness that could be practiced safely, ultimately leading her to yoga.
Over the years, she discovered that using breath and meditation helped her manage anxiety and stress from her corporate work life. Finally deciding to leave the corporate world, Caytlin took her YTT and made her way back to her roots of teaching.
As a teacher, she strives to include creative sequences that allow her students to find positivity both mentally and physically.
Vikki MacKinnon
Vikki MacKinnon is an author, international speaker, life purpose coach, and Master Numerologist. Her passion is helping people gain greater understanding of themselves, their potential, their relationships, and their journey, and giving them a greater sense of authentic personal power. She has prepared numerology profiles for individual clients across North America, and in Britain, Ireland, Japan and the Middle East. As founder of the Born to Thrive Numerology Course, and the Advanced Numerology Mentorship program, Vikki has taught and mentored aspiring numerologists in Canada and Japan since 2008. She has been a repeat guest on radio shows, and has been interviewed for CBC Newsworld, and Ottawa Metro News.
Diana Lam
"Diana started her acroyoga journey at a workshop taught by Justine Hoang & assisted by Greg in Ottawa in early 2013. She came to acroyoga with no movement back ground but after her initial exposure she immediately began a regular practice. With care, smiles, & practice she has become a graceful flyer, solid base, attentive spotter, and mindful teacher. Diana completed her acroyoga teacher training with Josh Young, Aaron Lind, & others at Acro Revolution in June 2014. She also has completed her Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 with Lotus Palm."
Greg Clarke Diana Lam
Greg and Diana (Smiley Om) believe in creating a strong acroyoga community through laughter, connection, sharing and play. We welcome all beginners to come play! We teach classes and workshops on Acroyoga and also perform as an acrobatic duo. We play around the city of Ottawa and are known by our colourful and matching outfits. Greg and Diana feel lucky to play within a wonderful community of Acroyogis in Ottawa, Ontario. They have been greatly influenced by different acroyoga styles around the world - AcroRevolution, Acroyoga Montreal, AcroYoga Inc, & Yoga Slackers have all been huge contributors to their development.
Eric Desjardins

Classically trained in Rishikesh, the world capital of Yoga, under the direct tutelage of Yogi Kamal Singh, Eric has been practicing and teaching overseas for the past nine years. Through teaching in India, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Vancouver and Hong Kong he has experienced firsthand the power Yoga has to transcend barriers and limitations.

Having studied in both traditional Hatha and Ashtanga lineages he believes in presenting the practice in a way that is accessible everyone. Eric has studied Physical and Occupational therapy and has diverse knowledge of anatomy, physiology and movement principles. He continues to explore his lifelong passion for freedom of expression primarily through Yoga. He emphasizes safety and alignment and brings strong dynamic energy to his classes.

Liane Wilson
Liane started practicing yoga in her mid 20’s during a time in her life when she needed direction, and it quickly taught her how to always lead with her heart. From the moment she stepped into that studio, she felt at home and fell in love with the community that now continuously inspires her. However, It wasn’t until after returning home from extended travels a couple years later that she pursued her practice more seriously. Like many, Liane was initially drawn to the practice for its physical benefits, but it quickly translated to many other aspects of her life. It became her therapy, and a beautiful and essential part of her life and wellbeing.

Liane completed her 200 hour training with Pure Yoga Ottawa in 2017-2018. She offers fun, creative and all-inclusive classes focused on movement, breath and self-reflection. She enjoys practicing and teaching classes that allow for self-growth and for release from everyday’s stresses on the mind and body.

Jennifer Lynd
Jennifer Lynd (RYT – 200 hour)
Early in life, while taking pre-professional ballet classes, Jennifer experienced the value of movement, stretching and challenging the body. After more than 15 years of teaching ballet, Jennifer started to explore yoga and Buddhism. Attending silent meditation and yoga retreats allowed Jennifer to connect with her true self and she now personally knows the significant impact that yoga and meditation can have on our peace of mind.
In 2011, Jennifer took the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Upward Dog Yoga Centre, Ottawa. Her passion is offering calm and gentle hatha yoga classes, providing a respite for students to escape the complexity and noise of the outside world and to reconnect with their inner wisdom. Students will leave class more relaxed and grounded; better prepared to accept, both mentally and physically, the ups and downs that life has to offer.

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