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Debbie Brown
Debbie came to yoga after being a boxer for 14 years. Yoga was an excellent complement that helped with her tight boxer's shoulders. Over the years and through many life happenings, yoga also became a source of solace and peace. In 2015, Debbie decided to follow her passion and pursue her RYT200 certification. Born in Newfoundland, Debbie has always loved hiking in the mountains, canoeing, being outdoors and laughing deeply from the belly. She brings her sense of humour, compassion and love of working the core to her classes. 
Amelia Flowers

I first saw Acroyoga at Burningman and it felt like my jaw hit the floor. I just stood there, frozen, watching these people do this AMAZING thing! I thought there was no way I could do it. I had very limited flexibility, little strength, and no training in anything like it. I was assured it was not a problem and was invited to play. It felt amazing! I was FLYING! I am now a certified Acroyoga International instructor and I run regular classes and workshops around Ottawa. I love sharing this practice with new people in my home city and being a part of growing our community, locally and internationally.

Marisol Egglton
Marisol discovered the joys of acroyoga a few years ago in her native city of Montreal. Hooked by this fun and creative way of connecting with people, she has since played acroyoga in several parks across the world. She loves to initiate new recruits and completed her Partner Acrobatics teacher training in Thailand in 2015. She is also an amateur of kaleidoscope yoga and a certified Thai massage practitioner from Lotus Palm School in Montreal. Acroyoga Ottawa is her cherished home community
Dariya Quenneville
My love of yoga sparked in my teenage years when I was introduced to asana (postures) through a dance background. After several years of dabbling, I began to practice consistently while completing my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science as a means to develop mind-body awareness for optimal wellness. Hiking over 4,000 km on the Pacific Crest Trail after graduating, I began to understand the benefits of breath and meditation to help overcome an array of physical and mental discomforts. Quickly realizing that I wanted to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the ancient practice, I traveled in India, where I completed my 200 hour hatha vinyasa yoga teacher training and attended a 10 day Buddhist meditation course. I enjoy practicing and teaching yoga that is gracefully energetic, balanced, accessible, and most importantly, makes you smile. Passionate about all aspects of yoga, I always guide a practice which can be extended off the mat and into your daily life.
Sergey Esin
Dr. Sergey Esin has a Doctorate in Natural Medicine®, and is a Registered Member of both The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners (EBNMP™) and Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada (ACNN™).

Dr. Sergey Esin is an International Trained Health Professional. He earned his Medical Degree from the Moscow State Medical Institute (Russia), which is recognized by the World Directory of Medical Schools and Canada.

In 1991 he started to work at Central Military Clinical Hospital in Moscow as a physician and was awarded a PhD Degree in Medicine in 1997. In 1996-2016 Sergey Esin worked as a Doctor of the Centre of Alternative Medicine at the same location. He was involved in the practice of non-invasive treatment techniques such as Diet Therapy (Fasting), Electrotherapy, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Herbology, Lifestyle coaching, Iridology, Darkfield Microscopy, Anti-Homotoxic Therapy, Biochemical Therapy, Biopuncture, Clinical Nutrition and Counselling. Also, he has a considerable amount of publications.
Jessica Laporte
Jessica's yoga journey began unexpectedly in 2003 when she took yoga as an elective for a physical activity course in cegep. She quickly developed an affinity for the practice which would stay with her for her lifetime. In the beginning, she practiced to complement her strength training and saw it as a means to cross-train for rugby but has since delved deeper and experienced the undeniable benefits of regular practice not just for her body, but for her mind and soul. Jessica has a degree in Human Kinetics and is a certified personal trainer. She combines knowledge about the human body with her experience playing and coaching rugby along with new found knowledge of subtle energy systems to create a dynamic, balanced, and holistic yoga practice.
Nico Gravel, RMT
Nico Gravel has been practicing massage therapy for 3 years. He’s a graduate from Everest College here in Ottawa. After 3 years in the industry, Nico decided that massage therapy wasn’t enough to help his clients and that it was only scratching the surface as far as treating physical conditions.

In order to better treat his clients, Nico has decided to undertake his Master’s degree in Osteopathic Medicine in order to unlock the hidden natural healing potentials of the human body. It is his belief that the human body holds the inert ability to heal itself, the therapist is just there to serve as a catalyst or fulcrum in order to help the human body find its way.

Like all massage therapists in Ontario, Nico has been trained in lymphatic drainage, general Swedish techniques, dynamic and static stretching as well has rehabilitation techniques. Nico specializes in athletic maintenance, sport rehabilitation, myofascial release, injury management as well as joint play and structural rehabilitation. As Nico explores and evolves in the osteopathic field, you can expect that his treatment style will also evolve into a much more structure based treatment rather than a traditional massage based treatment. Structure governs function, by treating the structure first, one is able to re-integrate soft tissue to its normal function thus eliminating pain.

Nico will be working 2 days a week to begin. Feel free to book an appointment.

If you have any questions at all, Nico will be more than willing to talk with you and explore the right course of action with your best interest in mind.

Kim Smith
Kim is a mother of two teenagers and has a background in teaching high functioning high needs children. She became interested in massage therapy when searching for a new career and has a passion for learning all aspects of natural healing and homeopathic therapy.
Kim is accredited through Elegance college. Her two year intensive training led her to find her focus in deep relaxation techniques, including Swedish massage alternating between press and release, kneading and circular motion. Treatments are administered in a quiet, calm and relaxing environment. Muscle spasms and trigger pints release are gentle but effective.
Kim’s goal is to help you to leave daily stresses behind and reach a calm state of relaxation. Relieving stress is a vital component to emotional and physical wellbeing. Your journey to healing begins at Upward Dog Yoga Centre
Kirstin Campbell – Eaton, RMT

Kirstin has always been interested in natural healing and always loved helping people. Therapeutic massage has always been an interest for her and in 2014 she applied to Algonquin College 3 year Massage therapy Program. In April 2017 she graduated with many hours of hands-on experience in a number of different clinical settings. Trained in General Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, and joint mobilization, with an understanding of muscle imbalances.

Registered with CMTO and RMTAO, she can’t wait to further her career with studying aromatherapy and hot stone massage to add to her knowledge of natural healing. In her spare time, she loves to cultivate indoor plants and practice yoga.

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