Liane Wilson

Liane started practicing yoga in her mid 20’s during a time in her life when she needed direction, and it quickly taught her how to always lead with her heart. From the moment she stepped into that studio, she felt at home and fell in love with the community that now continuously inspires her. However, It wasn’t until after returning home from extended travels a couple years later that she pursued her practice more seriously. Like many, Liane was initially drawn to the practice for its physical benefits, but it quickly translated to many other aspects of her life. It became her therapy, and a beautiful and essential part of her life and wellbeing.

Liane completed her 200 hour training with Pure Yoga Ottawa in 2017-2018. She offers fun, creative and all-inclusive classes focused on movement, breath and self-reflection. She enjoys practicing and teaching classes that allow for self-growth and for release from everyday’s stresses on the mind and body.

Liane Wilson instructs the following:
  • Slow Flow
  • This is a class that will help you restore your blood circulation without making you tired. Slow flow is a class where you transition from one asana to the next with enough time to get all the benefit of each of them, to stretch your muscles but at the same time there is enough effort to warm you up and to calm your mind. You will be ready to face the challenges of the rest of your day