Brendon Abram Kellie Dearman

Brendon Abram

Brendon Abram, RYT500, is certified by the Trauma Centre in Boston to teach trauma sensitive yoga to survivors of PTSD and other emotional trauma. A veteran himself, he teaches trauma sensitive yoga at Trent View Counselling in Trenton, where he is also an associate. Trained by the Veterans Yoga Project, he has also taught yoga to United States Military veterans with PTSD. He was a member of a joint Queens University/Royal Military College of Canada study team that studied the effects that yoga may have on men and women recovering from

exposure to operational trauma.

Brendon is also co-owner with his wife Leslie Abram,

of Get Yoga, a thriving yoga studio in downtown

Trenton, Ontario.

Kellie Dearman

Kellie Dearman is a certified yoga teacher (Still Point) with twelve years of teaching experience (5000+ hours). She has taken over 60 hours of Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher training, and incorporates key elements of TSY in her general Hatha yoga classes.

Kellie is also an Associate at Trent View Counselling in Trenton, where she gives individual and small group mindfulness and present moment awareness sessions to Canadian Forces veterans affected by PTSD and other stress-related conditions.

Kellie is the owner of Aware Yoga, a home-based
yoga studio in Stirling, Ontario.

Kellie and Brendon also regularly partner
together to deliver mindfulness, meditation and
yoga retreats to the general public.


Brendon Abram Kellie Dearman is currently not instructing any classes.