Sadie Webster

I was inspired by movement at a young age; I started dancing when I was ten. I have always found joy in fluid movement and dance was the perfect channel for me to remember my body's innate wisdom (and, Yoga is the perfect channel for learning to trust that innate wisdom). Since dance is very much about letting go in order to express yourself, arriving in the yoga world things seemed very structured and less about expression. It wasn't until I got serious about my personal, home-practice that I started to experiment with creative movement within the realms of Yoga. My creative exploration led me in to an intuitive practice and it's here that I draw my inspiration for classes. I've been guiding students through Asana (poses) since 2008. My intention when teaching is to encourage yogis to move in a way that honours the creative processes of the mind, the body's intuition and the natural progression of poses.

Sadie Webster instructs the following:
  • Hatha Flow
  • This class that encourages movement from one posture to another in a continuous sequence linked together by the breath. The sequencing includes an eclectic mix of standing, balancing and floor poses designed to help improve flexibility, strength and stamina, while also providing the opportunity to cultivate a quiet mind. Modifications are provided for postures to make this class accessible to all levels.

  • Gentle Hatha
  • HATHA GENTLE. A class designed around a soft flow of postures which are modified with intermittent relaxation which allows the absorption of the benefits of each pose and the class as a whole. This is a wonderful restorative experience, great for those recovering from an injury or under stress. A class for all ages and levels.

  • Yin
  • Yin yoga is a perfect complement to the more yang (active) styles of yoga. In yin yoga poses are held for 3 to 5 minutes with the muscles relaxed, which allows the body to open up and release. Yin yoga is about accepting the body as it is and not striving to change it! The increased time in the poses allows us to connect with the body and our breath. This is an all levels class and most of the poses are done on the floor. The use of props is encouraged in this class to ensure comfort. Yin targets the first 3 chakras and is thus a very grounding practice

  • Pre-Natal Hatha
  • Classes adapt poses to the stage of pregnancy and select poses to be emotionally grounding and soothing for the legs and lower back. Breathing techniques and sounds help moms to connect with the baby and stay balanced and focused throughout the pregnancy and birth.

  • Blindfold Yoga. Workshop

    The practice of Pratyahara – withdrawal of the senses – is the fifth limb on Patanjali’s eight-fold path. In this 2-hour workshop, led by Sadie Webster, we’ll learn about the four types of Pratyahara and explore various ways to practice Pratyahara through Asana (yoga poses) visualization and mudras (hand gestures which increase or direct energy in the body).


    Sometimes we forget how much we rely on the senses to interact with our external environment. Our five senses are constantly taking in new stimuli so our brains can process it in to useful information. Most of us are on sensory overload with near constant stimulation coming from our phones, radio, computers, newspapers, people, etc. Outside of the time we spend asleep, we get very few breaks from this rapid-fire information. Blindfolded Yoga is an opportunity to shut down some of the senses and tap in to and explore your inner environment.

    *students must bring their own blindfold

  • Meditation Teacher Training
  • This 20-hour teacher training is designed to draw practitioners deeper into the benefits of meditation and to provide teachers with new tools for guiding students through meditative experiences.

    We will discuss, practice and teach various types of meditation learning about their individual history and benefits. While many styles of meditation will be touched on throughout this 20-hour program our focus will be on Japa meditation - repetition of mantras with the use of a mala or meditaion beads; Nyasa meditation - the "installation" of a particular mantra or visualization on the body (this encompasses Yoga Nidra and many guided relaxation/ visualization techniques); and Zazen meditation - a mindfulness technique where the practitioner uses the breath to focus on the present moment.

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