Hatha-Animal Movement Fusion Flow

This class is taught by:

Mike Hutkins

Michael found yoga on a street corner in Montreal 14 years ago after a chance meeting with an instructor. Since his first class he has been sharing yoga with friends and family and after deepening his own practice by living at the Sivananda ashram and taking their teacher training program he began to teach yoga regularly. Classes are traditional hatha yoga, focussing on breathing, postures and relaxation. Students learn to let go of physical and mental stress from daily life and work towards being able to maintain this state of calm focus in all situations. Michael believes yoga can be made accessible to everyone and teaches classes open to people of all levels of experience and fitness. Om Sri Hanumate Namaha

Alec Balfour

Alec comes from a background of sports playing high level basketball and rugby, he was first introduced to yoga in 2011 as a mean to prevent injury and increase flexibility. With time his passion for sports became a passion for yoga and movement. Coming from an Ashtanga background he gradually fell in love with yin, vinyasa flow, animal locomotion... basically movement & mobility in general. He is influenced by his teachers Mark Robberds & Deepika Mehta and what he learned studying with them. He hopes to teach a safe class that will help with longevity in mobility, flexibility and strength in respects to western anatomy while staying true to the eastern science that is yoga.
Animal Fusion Flow is a mix of Hatha Yoga and Animal Movement: it is a mindful movement that will enhance your mobility and core strength, will add flexibility and peace of mind. Available to beginners and advance practitioners. (If wrists are injured or knees this class may not be accessible)